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Our Process

Initial Inquiry Meeting

During your initial meeting, we will get to know each other - our team will share more about our process, and together we'll discuss your goals, values, dreams, special concerns and challenges.


We create a financial plan that works to help you meet your goals. Our plans cover many topics, including retirement, education funding, financial basics, estate planning, insurance, business succession, charitable giving and more.


Once we've completed your plan, we will have a meeting to review it step by step and make sure you understand and approve.


If you should decide to proceed, our team will start the on-boarding process with you. This might include opening new accounts, and transferring existing assets. We'll execute the agreed-upon investment strategy.


Throughout our relationship, we will monitor your investments and your overall financial situation to ensure they're integrated to help meet your goals.


Our team will connect with you on a regular basis to review your plan, accounts, and learn about any changes or challenges in your life which might affect your financial well-being. We will evaluate the plan and goals to ensure success.

Tuning Your Social Security Benefit

Tuning Your Social Security Benefit

When should you take your Social Security benefit?
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